Top 10 College Presidential Scandals

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Top 10 College Presidential Scandals

Earlier this month, featured a top ten list of the most embarrassing college presidential scandals.

Number 9 caught my eye:

Kenneth Walker, Edison State College

Board members at Edison State gave president Kenneth Walker his walking papers in January, 2012, citing 10 instances where he “failed to provide leadership.” Probably the most embarrassing for Walker was the revelation of his annual salary: $837,085. Florida had recently passed a law limiting state college presidents’ salaries to $225,000 max, which Walker was making, plus that twice over from other channels. In the controversy, several deans and faculty members resigned and two vice presidents were fired. Walker’s presidency had already been troubled by a scandal where 180 students were given diplomas without completing their coursework.

Gee, does that sound familiar? Cal State officials recently passed a phony pay cap of their own.

Read the entire list here.

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