Fireworks Erupt on CA Legislators’ Junket to Armenia

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Fireworks Erupt on CA Legislators’ Junket to Armenia

Update: By 1PM on Friday September 27, the videos have been taken down by the user. Not exactly sure why. The videos seemed pretty tame. Not to worry, another copy has been saved and uploaded to YouTube. 

Fireworks erupted during California legislators junket to Armenia.

No, Speaker John Perez didn’t get into a shouting match with Katcho Achadjian. After all, Achadjian, a reliable vote for tax increases, is Democrats’ favorite Republican.

There were literally fireworks. These videos, albeit a bit choppy and out of focus, show a rather bored group of California legislators standing through a fireworks display in Republic Square. Makes you wonder if they’re all experiencing flashbacks to a 4th of July district event gone wrong.

“Get the district director on the phone. We’re never scheduling another fireworks show in Yerevan, especially after Katcho devours a plate of dzhash.”

It’s also a cautionary reminder to legislators. When choosing a junket, make sure to pick one that suits your interests. Salsa dancing and rooftop cocktails with Fidel is better than a fireworks show. Even Kristin Olsen, Anthony Cannella, Bill Emmerson and Travis Allen have it better with the junket to Scandinavia.

Ever wondered what it’s like to be on a legislative junkets? See for yourself.

For more about legislators’ junket to Armenia, read this previous post, “Speaker Perez, Katcho Achadjian Lead Junket to Armenia.”

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