Amazon Instant Video Discriminates Against the World Traveler

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Amazon Instant Video Discriminates Against the World Traveler

The internet makes national borders irrelevant. People travel all over the globe for work and for pleasure. The most successful entrepreneurs split time between New York and Mumbai, Silicon Valley and Hyderbad.

But, if the world traveler tries to download a movie rental outside of the USA using Amazon Instant, they run into this error message.

Due to location restrictions we cannot process your order. Amazon Instant Video customers must use a US credit card and billing address.

Orders can only be completed by US residents while inside the United States – the 48 contiguous states, Alaska, Hawaii, and the District of Columbia. Details

Location restrictions are stupid. People download movies and television shows to watch on long flights while traveling. The longest travel times are on international flights. Yet, you are unable to download the content legally from another country.

What’s the result? Today, I won’t legally purchase a movie rental because I can’t legally purchase a movie rental. It’s time our international copyright and user agreements caught up to modern technology.


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